The Handsome Rogue - olive tree adiopted by Elena Sotiropoulou
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"Elena is our lovely daughter-in-law (pictured above as a young child). She left Athens to marry our son and live in London so we feel that she deserves to have some roots permanently fixed in Greek soil. We hope too that having olive oil from her own tree will bring a little Greek sunshine into her life every day.

This name perfectly describes Elena's late father Vasilis who was a charming man with a twinkle in his eye. The tree must have stood for more or less his whole life and will provide a lasting memory of him as well as another reason to go to Greece - to hug The Handsome Rogue!"

- Lindsey & Richard Allum

'The Handsome Rogue' - olive tree adopted by Elena Sotiropoulou
Adopted by: Elena Sotiropoulou, London, United Kingdom
Adoption Gifted by: Lindsey & Richard Allum
Dale of Adoption: 8 December 2010
Adoption Renewal Date: 8 December 2013
Latest photos:

November 2011

It's harvest time again and The Handsome Rogue is laden with plump green olives.

John sets to work with his trusty beating stick.
The big green nets go around the base of the tree to catch the olives as they fall.
Kirsty plays an important part by separating the olives from small sticks and branches.
John removes the sticks.
The boys pause for a Group Photo: John (left), Marcus (middle), Andy (right).

And Kirsty (camera!)

In summary we estimate that The Handsome Rogue gave us about 100kg of olives this year, (about 3 sackfulls), which would have made about 12 kg of oil.

See you next year!