Helen's Tree - Olive Tree adopted by Helen Seddon
Helen's Tree

Only a baby, Helen's Tree can look a little lost in the long winter grass in the olive grove. (That's why Marcus has taken this close up photo. )

The variety of tree is the same 'Koronieki' species as the other trees in the grove so this latest addition will feel right at home.

The Koronieki trees are heavy producers of olives which are exclusively used for extra virgin olive oil, having a characteristic fruity flavour. When fresh, the oil smells like freshly mown grass!

Adopted by: Helen Seddon
Adoption Gifted by: Megan Northcote
Dale of Adoption: Tree adopted Christmas 2012, planted 29 January 2013
Adoption Renewal Date: No expiry - Adopted Forever
29th January 2013.

3.15 pm

Ace Olive Picker Andy takes a break from his normal duties around the olive grove to plant the new tree.

Saint Basil Olive Grove, Crete - planting a new  tree
Andy chose this location because it pefectly fills a gap in a line of infant trees we are nurturing. Saint Basil Olive Grove, Crete. Andy digs a hole for the new Tree
Andy firms up the soil and then goes off to find a watering can.
In this picture, Helen's Tree is in the bottom right of the photo. It shows the position, relative to some of our other trees stretching back to Villa Angelos in the background.

After these photos were take, Andy fixed a watering system around the tree so it will survive through the long hot summer expected ahead.