'Isabelle' - Olive Tree adopted by Isabelle Richardson-Hewett
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To celebrate the birth of baby Isabelle, Saint Basil Olive Grove have gifted her parents, Chris & Alison, this newly planted tree which we have named after their new arrival.

A 'Forever Yours' gift from us to cement our friendship, and to say thank you for your hard work during olive picking 2010. We hope to see you all next year, complete with Isabelle who will no doubt be supervising the olive picking teams!

- Tina, John, Kirsty & Marcus

'Isabelle - olive tree adopted by Alison Richardson & Chris Hewitt
Adopted by: Alison Richardson & Chris Hewitt on behalf of their new baby daughter Isabelle
Adoption Gifted by: Saint Basil Olive Grove - John & Tina Dunn, Marcus Milton & Kirsty Cook
Dale of Adoption: 1 December 2011
Adoption Renewal Date: No expiry - Adopted Forever
:Additional Photo:

'Isabelle' sits between two protective mature olive trees, symbolising parents Chris & Alison.