From our 'single estate' olive farm in Crete, Greece, using organic methods: extra-virgin olive oil ( EVOO ) that is cold-pressed, unfiltered and unblended. We personally manage all production - from tree to bottle. Now available in UK by mail order. Not sold in supermarkets!
Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our single estate in Crete, Greece

Have you ever tasted really FRESH extra-virgin olive oil?

Chances are you will have a bottle of two of supermarket olive oil in your kitchen. Maybe Spanish or Italian. Possibly even Greek. But here's the secret that the mass-producers don't want you to know: even their most expensive oils can be several years old. The oil may have been stored in distribution centres for many months not only in the country of origin but also in the country of destination. It may even have been sent to several different countries in between. Olive oil does not like to be treated this way!

Another problem: olive oil is often produced in one country and then bottled in another. Look closely at the label. 'Bottled in Italy' does not necessarily mean 'produce of Italy'. Many Spanish and Italian oils are routinely blended with those from other countries to make a poor oil more agreeable. This is perfectly legal, but you may think as we do that it is misleading.

Of course, the packaging has a 'best-before' date designed to reassure you. But this is often the date of bottling, not the date of harvest. The flavour and goodness of the oil could be fading or lost by the time it reaches your plate.

Why is our oil probably the best you will ever have tasted?

Although not officially certified, we grow our trees using entirely organic methods. All pesticides, fertilisers and other artificial treatments are banned on in our olive grove apart from a small amount of hand-applied systemic weedkiller to keep gravel paths clear.

We harvest the olives using traditional pronged sticks and soft green nets - CLICK for the full story
We do not even water the trees because we believe that this can weaken the flavour of the oil. We harvest using the traditional method of beating the olive branches to drop the olives into nets. Once bagged in breathable sacks, the olives are delivered to the pressing factory within 24 hours so there is very little chance for them to decay. As you will see from our PhotoStory, we personally oversee every area of production - from tree to bottle.
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Saint Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available by mail order in the UK. Or save postage and packing - collect in person from our UK office in Litton Mill, near Buxton, Derbyshire.


Our oil is cold-pressed. After washing in fresh water, the olives are mashed in a cylindrical press. A small amount of warmth is allowed in this 'cold press' process, to help the extraction, but it is a low temperature under 30 degrees centigrade. No chemicals are used whatsoever. A centrifuge separates the oil from the mash and raw green oil is the result. olives are collected and stored in traditional hessian bags - CLICK for the full story
This is the extra-virgin process and it means 'first pressing'. The remains of the mash are sent to a different factory for secondary extraction to create lower quality and industrial olive oils. We do not sell this secondary oil.
Our oil is unfiltered. For cosmetic reasons and to artificially increase shelf life, the big producers always filter their oil to remove particles of olive skin and pith. It means some vital elements are lost. Our oil does not go though this process and therefore contains all the nutrients found in the olive fruit. Olive sacks waiting to be collected - CLICK for full story
Our oil is unblended. It is 100% the produce from our own olive grove. If it were a whisky, it would be a single malt! Just like a vintage wine, this means the flavour will be distinctively our own and may differ slightly from year to year depending on growing conditions and the time of picking. Mass-produced oils are often blended with oils from other regions. It is another opportunity for unscrupulous dealers to use up old stock of tasteless oil and sell on to unsuspecting consumers.

Be aware that olive oil sold in supermarkets is sometimes labeled 'mild and light'. This is highly refined olive oil using unpleasant chemicals and heat to extract the last drops of oil from the waste olive mash left over from the first pressing. The 'mild and light' description refers to the bland taste (caused by the use of heat) - it does not mean fewer calories.

By contrast, our extra-virgin olive oil has a distinctive fruity flavour, with a pleasing pepper kick - the sign of really fresh oil.

So that's it. That's the story of our olive oil and why we believe it is among the best in the world. One taste and you will believe it too!


extra virgin olive oil picker Andy lunch among the olive trees first taste of our own extra virgin olive oil
" This Olive Oil is really SPECIAL ... I use quality extra virgin oil but have never tasted one like this. I promise you that this isn't a biased comment either! Everybody who tries it wants more ?" Hilary Knowles, Editor, The Meeting Place North


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